Floral Details to Complete Your Look

Artificial Boutonnieres for Weddings

The Role of Boutonnieres

Look Good and Feel Good

Boutonnieres are more than just a floral touch on a suit or tuxedo – they’re a refined detail that elevates the entire wedding aesthetic. Traditionally, these small adornments signal the groom and important members of the wedding party. A well-crafted boutonniere adds polish to a man’s attire, bringing harmony as it complements the bouquets and overall floral theme of your wedding

Selecting Your Aesthetic

Types of Boutonnieres

Classic Boutonnieres

For a timeless elegance, choose a classic boutonniere design. A single, perfect bloom like a rose or calla lily takes center stage, accented with delicate greenery for a touch of sophistication.

Rustic Boutonnieres

Embrace the beauty of nature with a rustic boutonniere design. Wildflowers, berries, and textured foliage create a natural, bohemian aesthetic, perfect for outdoor weddings or a relaxed vibe.

Modern Boutonnieres

Make a statement with a modern boutonniere design. Unique elements like succulents or dried flowers add a contemporary flair, ideal for couples who love to break the mold and embrace individuality.

What to Decide

Choosing the Right Boutonniere for Your Wedding Theme

Choosing the right boutonniere is about finding the perfect harmony between your wedding vision, personal style, and the overall design elements of your day. Here are a few key factors that will guide you towards that stylish boutonniere decision:

Wedding Theme

Consider the overall vibe of your wedding. A romantic garden ceremony calls for classic, elegant blooms, while a rustic outdoor celebration might suit a boutonniere with wildflowers and natural textures. Going for a sleek, modern aesthetic? Opt for clean lines and perhaps unexpected elements like succulents.

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Your boutonnieres should complement the bridal bouquet, not perfectly replicate it. Choose similar colors or coordinating blooms, perhaps incorporating one standout flower from the bouquet into the groom’s boutonniere for a cohesive touch.

The Groom’s Style

Let the groom’s personality shine through! If he prefers a bold look, consider a statement boutonniere with larger blooms or a pop of unexpected color. For the refined gentleman, a classic single bloom or a smaller, understated boutonniere in neutral colors will add a perfect touch of elegance.


What Others are Asking

Boutonnieres are a beautiful tradition that adds a special touch of elegance to your wedding looks. Plus, artificial boutonnieres are a practical choice for a lasting keepsake!

Boutonnieres can be made with fresh flowers, but artificial options are a beautiful and practical alternative. High-quality artificial flowers create stunning boutonnieres that won’t wilt and will last forever.

Fresh flower boutonnieres last about a day. Artificial boutonnieres are everlasting, making them a cherished memento of your wedding day.

Boutonnieres are typically pinned to the left lapel of a suit jacket or tuxedo. For a consistent look, make sure all boutonnieres are placed at a similar height.

Traditionally, the groom, groomsmen, fathers of the couple, and the officiant wear boutonnieres. Today, anyone playing a special role in the celebration can wear this elegant accessory!

Boutonnieres and corsages should complement each other in color and style but don’t have to be identical. Choose coordinating floral accents for a beautiful, cohesive look.