Floral Touches to Make Your Wedding Shine

Artificial Corsages for Weddings

The Role of Corsages

Celebrate with Elegance

Corsages are a classic wedding tradition symbolizing love, celebration, and honoring special women in your life. More than just a beautiful accessory, they visually represent the love and respect you hold for those closest to you. From mothers and grandmothers to honored guests, corsages add a touch of floral elegance, complementing your overall wedding aesthetic and potentially becoming cherished keepsakes, especially with artificial options.

Selecting Your Aesthetic

Types of Corsages

Wrist Corsage

This popular choice features blooms and delicate accents on a comfortable wristband. It’s versatile and allows for ease of movement, ideal for those actively involved in the wedding.

Pin-on Corsage

A classic style that is pinned to a dress or jacket. This offers flexibility in placement and works beautifully on a variety of fabrics.

Ankle Corsage

This unique and stylish option adds a touch of whimsy to any wedding look. Delicate flowers and accents adorn a comfortable band, creating a beautiful alternative to traditional corsages.

Shoulder Corsage

A less common but stunning option, the shoulder corsage is worn draped across the shoulder or upper arm, often with ribbons or flowing elements.

Arm Corsage

This eye-catching corsage option makes a bold statement. A few small flowers with a bit of greenery, wrapped around the arm for a delicate look. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the wedding attire.

What to Decide

Choosing the Right Corsage for Your Wedding Theme

Choosing the right corsages is about finding the perfect harmony between practicality, personal preference, and your overall wedding style. Consider these factors to make beautiful and thoughtful corsage decisions:


Think about the wearer’s role in your celebration. Mothers of the couple and others actively involved might find a wrist corsage most comfortable, offering freedom of movement throughout the day. For honored guests, a pin-on corsage provides a beautiful touch with less concern about hindering movement.

Wearer’s Preference

The most important factor! Consult with your honorees to see what they envision. Some women might adore the traditional elegance of a pin-on, while others might find the modern appeal of a handheld or the comfort of a wrist corsage more appealing.

Wedding Style

Let your corsages complement the overall aesthetic of your day. Choose blooms and colors that harmonize with your bridal bouquet and wedding theme. Consider the formality of your event – delicate corsages suit a romantic garden wedding, while a bolder design adds flair to a sleek modern celebration.


What Others are Asking

Corsages can be made from either real or artificial flowers. Artificial corsages offer beautiful, long-lasting alternatives to traditional fresh flowers and provide a wider range of colors and styles to match your wedding perfectly.


Yes! Corsages remain a lovely tradition for honoring mothers, grandmothers, and other special women at your wedding. They provide a touch of elegance and can be customized to your unique wedding style.

Corsages and boutonnieres often coordinate in color and design for a cohesive look, but they don’t have to be identical. For example, a bride’s bouquet may inspire a groom’s boutonniere that shares similar colors and textures with the mother-of-the-bride’s corsage.

The cost of corsages varies depending on the size, style, and types of flowers used. Artificial corsages can be a cost-effective option that offers beautiful and durable floral designs. At Creative Botanicals, we offer a variety of corsage options to fit your budget.