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Adding to Your Dream Day

At Creative Botanicals, we understand that every floral detail contributes to the magic of your wedding day. Beyond the beautiful bouquets and stunning centerpieces, there are numerous opportunities to incorporate flowers into your celebration. This section is dedicated to those additional touches that complete the vision of your special day.

Selecting Your Aesthetic

Final Touches to Your Wedding

Cake Flowers

Transform your wedding cake into a masterpiece with our custom cake flowers. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and color, our floral designs are tailored to match your wedding theme seamlessly. From cascading florals to subtle accents, let us enhance the beauty of your cake with nature’s finest.

Pew Flowers

Set the tone for your ceremony with exquisite pew flowers that line your aisle in beauty. Whether you opt for lush greenery with subtle blooms or bold floral statements, our designs add warmth and elegance to your “I do” moment. Let us help you choose the perfect arrangement that complements your ceremony space and style.

Chair Flowers

Decorate your ceremony or reception chairs with charming chair flowers for an added layer of detail and sophistication. Whether marking reserved seating or adorning every aisle seat, chair flowers are a beautiful way to integrate florals into your venue decor.

Wedding Arches

A floral arch can serve as the breathtaking backdrop for your vows or a picturesque spot for guest photos. From simple greenery to extravagantly flowered designs, we offer a range of styles to fit every wedding theme and budget.

Flowers for Hair

This eye-catching corsage option makes a bold statement. A few small flowers with a bit of greenery, wrapped around the arm for a delicate look. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the wedding attire.

Wedding Wreaths

Welcome your guests with the timeless elegance of a wedding wreath. Adorn the entrance of your ceremony or reception venue with a bespoke wreath that complements your wedding’s overall aesthetic. Crafted from the freshest blooms and greenery, our wedding wreaths can also serve as a beautiful keepsake to remember your day by.

Wedding Wine Bottle Sets

Elevate your reception’s dining experience with our Wedding Wine Bottle Sets, beautifully adorned with floral accents. Perfect for toasting to your future, these decorated wine bottles add a romantic and personalized touch to your table settings or can serve as unique favors for your guests. Choose from our selection of designs or collaborate with us for a custom creation.

Wedding Gifts

Find the perfect floral-themed wedding gifts for your bridal party, family, or spouse-to-be. Our curated selection of gifts includes bespoke floral arrangements, personalized potted plants, and floral-inspired home decor items. Each gift is thoughtfully designed to convey gratitude and fond memories of your special day.